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  • Arsenalet


    Arsenalet is a beautiful half-timbered building, situated centrally in Frederiksværk, and is a section of the Museum of Industry ”Frederiks Værk”. After a large-scale restoration, the building n...
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  • Asserbo Ruined Castle

    Asserbo Ruined Castle

    Visit Asserbo ruined castle - Bishop Absalon's gift to the monks.   The ruined castle is situated in a beautiful area in Asserbo Plantation and holds an exciting histor...
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  • City Walks in Frederiksværk

    City Walks in Frederiksværk

    Gain insight in Frederiksværk's unique industrial history and the town’s importance to the development of Denmark, when knowledgeable guides take you through Frederiksværk's explosive history. &nb...
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  • Gjethuset


    At Gjethuset – a place where history and culture live side by side- you can experience concerts, art and canons. The cultural center Gethuset is the pride of Frederiksværk and the town´s...
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  • The Museum of Industry Frederiks Værk

    The Museum of Industry Frederiks Værk

    The museum of industry Frederiks Værk is the local museum for the Municipality of Halsnaes in Northern Zealand. It runs The Powder Works Museum, The Ironmaster’s Mansion (“Palæet”) and the old milita...
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  • Churches in Halsnæs

    Churches in Halsnæs

    In Halsnæs, there are several churches with exciting history. Beside their history, they are also active cultural places. Sunday sermons, concerts, theater, and much more can be experienced inside th...
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  • The House of Knud Rasmussen

    The House of Knud Rasmussen

    If you visit Knud Rasmussen's house, you will understand why he chose to build his summer house exactly there. The house is located by Spodsbjerg Fyr where the surroundings are peaceful and in a...
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  • The Powder Works

    The Powder Works

    The Powder Works area is part of the Museum of Industry: Frederiks Værk, and consists of a string of buildings of which each them played a role in the production of gunpowder and bullets fo...
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  • M/S Frederikke - Queen of Arresø

    M/S Frederikke - Queen of Arresø

    Go for a boat trip on the largest lake in Denmark with M/S Frederikke   In Frederiksværk, you have the opportunity to sail on Arresø with the old tourboat Frederikke. This is the only...
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  • National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

    National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

    Hillerød, Gribskov, Fredensborg, Halnæs and Elsinore counties and the Danish Nature Agency have worked together for more than ten years in an attempt to create a national park in North...
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