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City Walks in Frederiksværk

City Walks in Frederiksværk

Gain insight in Frederiksværk's unique industrial history and the town’s importance to the development of Denmark, when knowledgeable guides take you through Frederiksværk's explosive history.


Every summer, the Museum of Industry in Frederiksværk puts forth an array of exciting city walks. Experiencing the city this way, makes the town's remarkable history feel alive around you. The city walks have different themes within the town´s productions of canons, gunpowder, iron and steel, which began around 250 years ago when it became popular to utilize the power from the canals for blacksmith hammers, roller mills and gunpowder mills.


Experience Frederiksværk through a new lens

The city walks will take you along the canals and through the old streets. You will see historic buildings, learn about interesting people of the period and their influence on the earliest industrial period.

The city walks are for both tourists and locals who simply wish to see the well-known places throughout Frederiksværk, in a new (or actually old) light.

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