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Welcome to Halsnæs - the prettiest spot on the map!

We are delighted to welcome you to our beautiful surroundings and wish you the best journey. 


In Halsnæs we have it all: incredible nature, extraordinary experiences and welcoming people.  Explore the beautiful beaches, forests and villages in Halsnæs and learn about the interesting cultural heritage of the area.


We have written a couple of guides for the best experiences in the area, we hope you will find them helpful and useful - whether you are visiting for a few days or just moved here.



Please let us know if you are missing anything in particular or if you have any questions at


Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.




Top-10 things to do in Halsnæs: Activities for the whole family 


Towns and villages in Halsnæs


Top sights in Halsnæs




Coming up! we are working on more guides in English. 


Until then: read more about Halsnæs, activities and unique experiences at Visit Nordsjælland



Photo credit: Daniel Villadsen, Visit Nordsjælland.


The calendar shows events - large and small - in Halsnæs and is continuously updated by local organisers.

Find the calendar here