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The Museum of Industry Frederiks Værk

The Museum of Industry Frederiks Værk

The museum of industry Frederiks Værk is the local museum for the Municipality of Halsnaes in Northern Zealand. It runs The Powder Works Museum, The Ironmaster’s Mansion (“Palæet”) and the old military depot Arsenalet in Frederiksvaerk along with a completely different site that is the memorial of the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen in Hundested.


It is a cultural historic museum recognized by the state, which specializes in factory and industrial activity in Halsnæs and Knud Rasmussen's life and function nationally as well as internationally.

Knud Rasmussen's House is situated in spectacular surroundings in Hundested close to Spodsbjerg Lighthouse. Here, you can enjoy the fantastic view over Kattegat and inside the beautiful old house you can see how the famous polar explorer worked and learn more on the subject of Knud Rasmussen and his beloved Greenland, through various excibitions.


The museum's primary task is to collect knowledge, items and artefacts from its area, document them, research them and tell their important story to us all.

The museum is an active contributor to a lot of the festivals and events in Halsnæs, which relate to the museum's core topics, including the festival Outstanding, Kulturkraft, Knud Rasmussen's Birthday, Greenland's National Day and more. 

Every summer the museum arranges a string of exciting guided citywalks the industrial town of Frederiksværk. 

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