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M/S Frederikke - Queen of Arresø

M/S Frederikke - Queen of Arresø

Go for a boat trip on the largest lake in Denmark with M/S Frederikke


In Frederiksværk, you have the opportunity to sail on Arresø with the old tourboat Frederikke. This is the only way to see the beautiful view out over Arresø from seaside, sailing by the outlet of Arresø, where, if you are lucky, you can spot beavers.


M/S Frederikke is 12.5 meters long and 4.2 meters wide, a draft of 1.35 meters and a modest weight of 15.2 ton.

Frederikke sails regularly over the summer but outside the season you need to keep an eye out for special tours such as The Fall Tour, The Whitsun Tour and The Nightingale Tour.


M/S Frederikke also offers several kinds of tours, which combine sailing with exciting lectures and walks around Frederiksværk.


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