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At Gjethuset – a place where history and culture live side by side- you can experience concerts, art and canons.

The cultural center Gethuset is the pride of Frederiksværk and the town´s most remarkable industrial building. Gjethuset forged canons for the royal army and navy from 1760 and on. The house was originally built as a foundry, the odd named derived thereof, Gjet is derived from the german word “Giessen” which means to forge. The house has since functioned as the industrial house of Anker Heegard, who produced pots and pans and later De Forenede Jernstøberier, who made the Salamander stove world famous.

Kulturhuset Gjethuset er Frederiksværks stolthed og byens mest bemærkelsesværdige industribygning



The culture centre of the city

In the end of the 1980´s the building went through a comprehensive restoration process and reopened in 1990 as the city's new culture center. Today, the house is buzzing with music, art exhibitions, theater and other cultural activities.

The former canon forge offers concerts of all kind, from grand pop and rock concerts with the hottest new names, to small intimate jazz or classic concerts and popular performances for and by the people. The thick boulder walls also house professional lectures, professional and child theater and other cultural activities, amongst them a clasiscal music festival durings most of juli, outdoor summer concerts with pop and rock and a jazz festival in September. Visit Gjethuset for an experience you won't forget.


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