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National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

National Park Kongernes Nordsjælland

Hillerød, Gribskov, Fredensborg, Halnæs and Elsinore counties and the Danish Nature Agency have worked together for more than ten years in an attempt to create a national park in North Zealand which aims to focus on the area's unique nature, cultural history and beautiful landscapes.

In 2018 the national park is finally became a reality and will continue to evolve over the coming years.


The national park aims to combine coastal landscapes, open farmlands, lakes and woods, and contain amongst other things ice age landscapes and special types of nature with protected and rare plant and animal species.


In Halsnæs the national Park stretches over Asserbo Plantation and parts of Arrenæs and a stretch of coast between Frederiksværk and Hundested. In addition to the obvious natural areas, the industrial heritage of Frederiksværk is also part of the national park.


The park, as the only of its kind in Denmark, will contain three castles and a sea of manors, monasteries, and other cultural historic attractions with international attractional value.

Frederiksværk with its unique industrial heritage is included in its entirety in the national park Kongernes Nordsjælland, and in that way, helps by telling a different story about the royal power, the story of war, and the evolution of industrialization.


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