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Arsenalet is a beautiful half-timbered building, situated centrally in Frederiksværk, and is a section of the Museum of Industry ”Frederiks Værk”. After a large-scale restoration, the building now houses an excibition on the industrial history of Frederiksværk and functions as museum shop and visitor information point for the Nationl Park Kongernes Nordsjælland. 


Arsenalet, an old military depot, was built in 1800 and then made available to The Royal Artillery Corps. On the grand topografic map of Frederiksværk from 1773, the place where Arsenalet is located, was an artillery park made for the cannons constructed at Gjethuset.


Water damage and Renovation of Arsenalet

In 2006, Arsenalet experienced a heavy water and steam damage. All furniture, pictures and smaller items were evacuated to a safe location and unfortunately, the entirety of Arsenalet took damage.


Both walls and and floors were soaked and it took weeks to empty the rooms and have them dried up.

The many items, if they were salvageable, were sent to a conversation facility for water remediation. The following insurance case dragged out. Every single item were assessed and valued, and a lot were sadly disposed of due to damage.


Since then, Arsenalet has been restored and renovated in accordance with conformity to regulations about old houses. A new heating system has been installed along with a new electrical network and security system. Walls and ceilings were painted, and the beautiful plank flooring planed, ultimately meaning that the Museum of iIndustry is able to present Arsenalet almost as it were, when the army left it and before it was renovated in the 1930s and 1970s.


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