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Asserbo Ruined Castle

Asserbo Ruined Castle

Visit Asserbo ruined castle - Bishop Absalon's gift to the monks.


The ruined castle is situated in a beautiful area in Asserbo Plantation and holds an exciting history full of monks, nobility, fire and shoreline erosion.

Asserbo ruined castle was founded in 1100 as a monastery. It was bestowed on the monks of the Carthusian-order by Bishop Absalon. Later on it was passed over to the Cistercian monks.


Noble families Oxe and Laxmand have through time owned it, before it was acquired by the king in 1560 along with the villages of Torup and Tibirke.


Shoreline erosion hit Asserbo by the end of 1600 to such a degree that the castle had to be abandoned and consequently fell into disrepair. The castle, now buried in sand, was dug free in 1849 by Frederik VII and the moats were filled with the excess sand. The moats were recreated in 1972 by the National Museum of Denmark.


Get a glimpse of the past and enjoy this wonderful corner of Asserbo Plantation and Tisvilde Hegn which surround the ruined castle. 


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