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The House of Knud Rasmussen

The House of Knud Rasmussen

If you visit Knud Rasmussen's house, you will understand why he chose to build his summer house exactly there. The house is located by Spodsbjerg Fyr where the surroundings are peaceful and in almost every direction Kattegat is visible. An ideal place for immersion for a nature lover, this was naturally the place Knud Rasmussen prepared himself for several of his expeditions.

Combine a visit to the museum with a picnic in pristine surroundings.

The House 

In 1939 Knud’s widow, Dagmar Rasmussen, handed over the grounds and the house with all its contents to Torup Parish. Shortly thereafter it was opened to the public and has been so ever since.

Helge Bojsen-Møller was the architect, and in drawing up the blueprints for the house he was inspired by the English “cottage style” of the day. Apart from being a renowned architect in Denmark, he had also been at the head of a number of building projects in Greenland. He was an obvious choice for the task.

Some years following the building of the main house an annex was added. This became Knud’s private study and was later connected to the main house via a long corridor.


Experience Greenland in Halsnæs

The house is in itself an attraction and filled with Greenlandic art and items brought home by Knud Rasmussen from his many expeditions

In the house you can experience shifting exhibitions with relation to Knud Rasmussen and Greenland, in the museum shop you can purchase Greenlandic arts and crafts, souvenirs, books about Knud Rasmussen, and much more.


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Open from Easter to the Autum Vacation (week 42)

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Tuesday-Sunday: 11 a.m to 4 p.m.
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Open Ascension Day 2nd Pentecost and the Danish Constitution Day 5th of June.



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