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Ølsted - A Village for All Ages

Ølsted - A Village for All Ages

Ølsted is a small village situated in a beautiful, nature-filled area south of Frederiksværk, between Lake Arresø and Roskilde Fjord.

The village has a beautiful scenary and a view that reaches as far as Lynæs and Roskilde Cathedral.


For all ages

Ølsted welcomes all ages and is amongst other things known for "Olliestedet". A rather large skater hall, where youngsters with a penchant for tricks and speed bring their skateboard, scooter or roller-skates because the large hall has everything for speeding wheels.

For those who love nature, Ølsted is a must-see. After and old gravel pit was decommissioned, local enthusiasts managed to bring it to life again. So today, the 100.000 m2 is an amazing recreational area with shelters, lunch box house, nature-playground, cable slide and an amphitheater-ish grass platform at the bottom of the pit, in front of the outdoor stage.


The top of the gravel pit rises imperiously to 47 meters and you can walk all the way around it. Grab your thermos and settle down on one of the benches along the top and enjoy the spectacular view of the village and the land surrounding it. 


Nature, culture and the skater environment make Ølsted an urban society for all ages and definitely worth a visit. 



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