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Hundested - An Authentic Port Town

Hundested - An Authentic Port Town




At the entrance from Kattegat to Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord lies the charming and authentic port town of Hundested. A unique blend of a modern, cultural town, an active commercial port and a historically vibrant place.


The area's history is known from King Valdemar´s land registry and in the 16th century a royal residence could be found near Torpmagle. The name Hundested (Dog's place) hails from the kings' seal (seal dog) hunts, where the seals resided on a rocky reef next to what was then a just small fisher charter. 

Since then, Hundested has expanded several times and is today a thriving harbour and town. 


In Hundested you will find enthusiastic and committed people, solid craftsmanship and high quality, unique experiences and extraordinary views. 


At the wharf you will discover delicious eateries, galleries, workshops with innovative art and design, small, local shops and a modern brewery.

While browsing the area you might catch a whiff of tar from “Beddingen”, an area named after the dockyard within where skilled shipwrights are at work. At Beddingen you will also find some of the country´s top artisans.

Should you desire some shopping the town's shopping street, Nørregade is a short walk from the harbour and offers several small boutiques selling designer goods, local produce and mainstreet fashion. 

This charming mix of authentic maritime atmosphere and modern art and leisure makes Hundested a unique experience for visitors.


         Fun fact: For these combined reasons Hundested was crowned Harbor of the year in 2013 by the Danish Yachtsmen.


For children (and childish grown-ups)

Hundested offers plenty of joyful events and experiences for children and grown-ups in all ages. 

At the Pet-a-Fish platform you can learn about different fish or catch crabs. During the summer, marine biologist students immerse themselves in fish anatomy and you can learn about everything that lives in the waters around Hundested.

If you brought your fishing rod you can clean, smoke or grill your freshly caught fish. And for the little ones, a nature playground is available to play on, next to the small harbor cabins.


The Sandsculpture Festival is one of Hundested's greatest attractions and most certainly worth a visit. Here, international sculptor artists - including several world champions - create monumental and perishable works of art beyond the ordinary in golden grains of sand.  

There are plenty of possibilities to create your own sand sculptures and both children and childish grown-ups can be creative with different activities and immerse in the sand.


Within walking distance from town and the harbour is the beautiful beach, Trekanten. the beach is well visited with its 300 metres long white sandy shore and lovely dunes. There is a lifeguard posted at the beach everyday during the summer holiday. 


The House of Knud Rasmussen

Do yourself a favour and visit the house of polar explorer Knud Rasmussen on the outskirts of town. It is placed next to the Spodsbjerg Lighthouse on a large natural plot overlooking the sea. The beautifully located house was built in 1917 and has been a living museum since 1939, when Knud Rasmussen's widow turned the house over to the public. Here you'll enrich yourself with the interesting history from his many scientific expeditions.


Close to Knud Rasmussen's house you will find Spodsbjerg Lighthouse and Skansen - the remains of a fortification from 1807. The area is perfect for a picnic while enjoying the breathtaking view of Kattegat. 

From the top of the cliffs you can see Hesselø when the weather is clear. It is located around 30 kilometres out in Kattegat.


The house of Knud Rasmussen and the area around is a must-see when visiting Hundested. 



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