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Kikhavn - The Old Fishing Hamlet

Kikhavn - The Old Fishing Hamlet

Walk through the narrow streets and experience an old fishing village.

Idyllic Kikhavn near Hundested is an old fishing hamlet and village in Halsnæs, dating back to around year 1200. In 1794, a horrible fire ravaged the town, however, even today, the village looks much as it did 200 years ago.  Kikhavn has beautiful old houses, charming farm buildings with thatched roofs and little huts. Kikhavn is absolutely worth a visit. It's idyllic atmosphere is accentuated by the village's quiet and car-free environment. 


 There are approximately 25 inhabitants in Kikhavn. In the summer season however, there are many more prople who want to experience Kikhavn and the number of inhabitants expands to around 700 people. 


The beautiful beach of the small village is an open inviation to pack a picninc basket and take a refreshing dip when visiting Kikhavn.


To preserve Kikhavn's unique personality and vibe, the town asks visitors to respect a few rules:

Carfare through the village's narrow crinkled streets are not permitted, instead park your car right outside the town on a designated parking lot, and go by foot.







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