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Melby - A Scenic Pearl

Melby - A Scenic Pearl

Melby is, amongst other things, known for its old mill, which can be seen from quite a distance. You can enter it once a year on 'Store Mølledag', and while you are there, take a trip to the ancient bronze age mounds “Femhøjderne” and enjoy the great view.


As Melby becomes the area of Asserbo, you have the opportunity to walk through several plantations. They were created to stop over 200 years of coastline erosion. A piece of moor was spared the plantings, and is today known as Melby Overdrev.  


Melby Overdrev is the largest heath on Sealand and one of the most distinctive and exciting natural areas in Halsnæs where rare animals and plants can be found.

The military used the area as a shooting range for more than a hundred years. Since then, the heath has been protected and everyone is allowed to walk across and experience the area. 


You can follow the health trail through Melby Overdrev, Asserbo Plantation and all the way to the town of Tisvildeleje. Alternatively, walk some of the way along the dunes and take a dip in Kattegat.

Another option is to take the gravel path the other way, through Melby Overdrev, to the nature playground Havtyren in Liseleje.



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