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Frederiksværk - City of Steel

Frederiksværk - City of Steel

Frederiksværk is located beautifully between Denmark's largest lake, Arresø and Roskilde Fjord and is often referred to as “Little Venice” thanks to the canal and the numerous iconic bridges.


Frederiksværk is a thriving commercial centre with a rich cultural life and has a lot to offer in terms of new experiences. The city’s shopping street is uniquely located between the canal and the forest – nature and town is almost woven together.

If you follow the canal eastward you will find yourself in an astonishingly beautiful forest with wavy hills depicted in the distance by the rising and falling treetops.

If you follow the canal westward it branches in two, one running through our historical Gunpowder Works, the other leading you to preserved undisturbed woods, reed forests and meadows.


Visit the Museum of Industry or experience the running mills and waterwheels at the Gunpowder Works. Attend a concert at Gjethuset or watch a movie at the town's beautiful old cinema; Kosmorama. Frederiksværk also has exciting playgrounds for children and opportunities for fishing and discovering wildlife close at hand. 


The history of Frederiksværk

The city's history as the first industrial town in Denmark is evident simply by looking at the old buildings across town and the remarkably well kept Gunpowder Works. Each building holding a unique history. The town and surrounding woods house many secrets, art, and oddities. 


Frederiksværk became the cradle of industrialism. It was here that Frederik V founded a cannon foundry and later several large corporations joined the town.

The Gunpowder Works mixed gunpowder to the Danish army and navy and cast cannonballs for the Dybbøl cannons.    In Strandgade, Denmark's first steam engine was assembled by the canals, copper was processed by a rolling mill for the Royal Danish Coin and by the Fjord steel plates were made for the many shipyards across Denmark.

The Danish Steel Factory was founded in the summer of 1940. Establishing the rolling mill brought forth a massive growth for the town from 2.200 citizens in 1940 to about 18.000 in the 1990s.



A trip along the canals

A trip westward on the canal brings you to Roskilde Fjord, a fantastic mix of raw industrialism and raw nature. An almost 1 kilometre long pier made of slag from our steelworks extends into the fjord past the steelwork and marina. At the end of the pier a dashing view along the fjord to Frederikssund appears, and in the other direction Isefjord estuary by Kulhuse.


Following the canal to the east brings a different scenery and atmosphere. A romantic and beautiful trip along the canal surrounded by steeply sloped hills in a beech forest awaits you. Around 700 meters in you will find Arresødal main yard. Following that part of the canal will ultimately take you to a wooden bridge through the marsh to a birdwatching outpost perfect for a picnic and a breathtaking view of Arresø. If you are lucky you might spot one of the many native birds, amongst them sea eagles or the kingfisher.

During the summer you can sail on the beautiful old wooden ship. the M/S Frederikke at Arresø.


Closer to the city centre you will find exercise paths and a playground fused with nature: obstacle courses, swings, seesaws and more made by natural materials incorporating nature.


Psst! It is possible to join a free city walk in Frederiksværk by using the app Useeum. The city walk lets you experience the history of Frederiksværk whenever you want. Find the app in your app store or read more on the website of the Museum of Industry.


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