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Liseleje - A Cozy Seaside Resort

Liseleje - A Cozy Seaside Resort

Liseleje is like a beach holiday in the old days. 

A cozy and relaxed seaside resort where generations of families have spent their summers. Approximately one hour's drive from Copenhagen and you are in a different world - one that moves slowly and invites you to de-stress.


Put on your strawhat and slow down, Liseleje lets you saunter calmly through your vacation.

Liseleje is brimming with the feeling of an old classic seaside resort, with a wide child friendly beach, deep dunes covered in lyme grass and plenty of opportunity for a big ice cream cone. Fluffy waves, colorful hollyhocks and small half-timbered houses bring an idyllic atmosphere to the old fishing village.


Take a seat in one of the many dunes or right down by the water. Are you bringing your children to the beach you will find top-notch safety with lifeguards during the summer period and the Blue Flag assigned to the beach.     Enjoy the lovely water in safe surroundings and get the feeling of a real charter, in the middle of Danish nature.

The water around Liseleje can be used in many ways and you will easily understand why Liseleje is a natural part of the Danish Riviera.


Local life and beautiful walks

Liseleje is a seaside resort buzzing with activity all summer long with market days, vintage boutiques, specialized stores and cozy cafées and reaturants. And for the kids: one of the most beautiful nature playgrounds in the area - Havtyren.


If you visit Liseleje outside of the summer season the experience will be just as compelling, but sligthly different obviously. Embrace nature's powerful forces while listeing to the winds and the crashing waves of the sea. And enjoy the outstanding sunsets - a Liseleje special. 


You can walk all the way from Liseleje to Tisvilde – either with sand between your toes on the beach or on the other side of the dunes, through plantations and Troldeskoven ( Troldeskoven or 'The Trollforest' is a name given due to the woods' twisted gnarled brances). Alternatively, you can bike or walk to Melby Overdrev and see how many rare animals and plants you can find.



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